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We all know the frustrations of single life; the dates from hell, relationships that start well but quickly fizzle, awkward introductions set up by well-meaning but clueless friends. Why bother? We have family, friends, careers and more than enough interests and pursuits. We don't need romance to have fulfilling lives.

Yet we remember the joy, excitement, discovery and mystery, the communion of two souls as the rest of world recedes from consciousness. We miss the strength, peace and contentment that two people share when they give everything to each other.

Our communities bring together like-minded individuals; our service is designed to help you choose the best people for you to meet.

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We began as a traditional introduction service in Denver Colorado, we moved online in 2004 to provide a high quality, easy to use Internet service throughout the United States.

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"I met a wonderful woman and we are now engaged, we are both very happy."  Vincent

"I have been dating a man named Larry, whom I met via your site, and we are having a marvelous time. I also dated another man named Charlie, also from your website. These are intelligent, wonderful men, with lots going for them. I really cannot say enough about how great your site is."  Gloria

"I met a wonderful woman and we are now engaged, we are both very happy."  Vincent

"His name is Vic and he is the love of my life...I knew it immediately! He feels the same way. I never thought this could happen to me, and I never thought I'd know it so quickly...without a doubt. Anyway, could you take me off the site? Thank you for doing what you do! I'm forever grateful!"  Kaye

"This site was great and the person I met from this site is even better. Finally after a long marriage I am in a very happy committed relationship, which we both believe will last for the rest of our lives. Thanks to all."  Walt

"Pam and I are engaged, make sure our profiles are deleted... You have a great site, Thanks"  Warren
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