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"Thank you, thank you! Your website is dynamite! I have been dating a man named Larry, whom I met via your site, and we are having a marvelous time. I also dated another man named Charlie, also from your website. These are intelligent, wonderful men, with lots going for them. I really cannot say enough about how great your site is."  Gloria

"Thank you for the site and it’s opportunities. Regards, Lu

"This site was great and the person I met from this site is even better. Finally after a long marriage I am in a very happy committed relationship, which we both believe will last for the rest of our lives. Thanks to all."  Walt

"Our marriage is off to a great start and we are looking forward to long and fulfilling life together. We found that we were right for each other in many ways. It didn’t take long for friendship to bloom into love. We are very happy together."  John & Barb

"I have met a GREAT Gentleman, who was a gold member. Wish us `LUCK`."  Jean

"Great site.. thank you for now.."  Ernie

"His name is Vic and he is the love of my life...I knew it immediately! He feels the same way. I never thought this could happen to me, and I never thought I'd know it so quickly...without a doubt. Anyway, could you take me off the site? Thank you for doing what you do! I'm forever grateful!"  Kaye

"You have a nice site. Thank you kindly,"  Frances

"It worked for us!… This is a great way to find the right person. We knew a lot about each other from our profiles. When we met we discovered romance to go along with our compatibility. Three wonderful years of marriage prove that these services work."  Ron & Linda

"I have met the most wonderful man through the Intelligent Dating Network and we are dating exclusively. I want to thank you for providing an easy to use and safe system. Please discontinue my sign on. Best wishes,"  Denise

"I think you did a great job on this… I do have confidence in your site."  Cory

"I met a wonderful man on here and we are currently happy and living together. Thank you so much for helping to bring us together!"  Sarah

"Thank you, it has been a pleasure."  Georgia

"With your help, I found a wonderful partner. Without your service, I would not have taken the steps to get out and meet someone. I really enjoyed meeting people through your network... You gave me the courage to create new beginnings. I cannot thank you enough for the service you provide."  Elizabeth

"You have a lot of nice members, even if your site is pretty plain looking."  Carol
Editors note: Carol was a member before our recent redesign :-)

"Now that I met Don you can cancel my membership, Thank you."  Laura

"I like your site, easier to deal with than other sites."  Ed

"This is very nice... I like all the people I've met, it is working much better than other places I've tried."  Dee

"I met Lanie (bluebird2) a few months ago, time to delete both our profiles. Thanks"  Richard

"We both had just about given up on the whole dating thing, I saw Jan on your site and sent a quick message and forgot about it. She replied a couple weeks later. We didn't get around to meeting for a month. I think we were both surprised that we really liked each other. We're engaged now and we still like each other. Thank you"  Kurt & Jan

"Alex was the first guy I met on your site… I met a few other guys, nice but no connection. Alex came back and we have been together since then. He's really special. Thanks for helping us get together."  Lashaun

"Really nice people and the site is easy to use, good job."  Steve

"Everyone I have corresponded with has been real nice. Haven't met my soulmate yet but this has been the best place to look."  Sandra

"Hal & I met on your site a few years ago and now we have two little boys!"  Tracy & Hal

"I didn't think I would ever meet someone who would get along with my kids, but somehow Linda does. I'm glad she joined your site."  Danny

"Finally a good place to meet professionals. I appreciate your emphasis on honesty."  Patricia

"I'm really having fun and meeting a lot of great people."  April

"Pam and I are engaged, make sure our profiles are deleted... You have a great site, Thanks"  Warren

"I probably looked at a thousand profiles on several different sites but hers was different, I just had a real good feeling when I read it. It's not like we were a perfect match, she just seemed right for me and sure enough she was."  Jason

"Please delete our profiles (SteveH and Fuzzydoodle). Your site’s the greatest, Thanks"  Steve & Carolyn
Editors note: The screen name "Fuzzydoodle" is now available :-)

"Everyone I met on your site has been real nice. I found the best one and I'm keeping him. Thank you for providing a great service."  Lisa

"I have more in common with the members of the professionals community than other dating sites I tried."  Martin

"First off, I'd like to thank you for your service. I have met someone through your service that I am very seriously head over heels about, I am very hopeful, that he is "the one"!!!!!!... Please hide my profile."  Cathy

"We found this way to meet people a very relaxed and enjoyable experience. It's a positive approach to making dates based on common interests, life goals and personal beliefs... We now have a wonderful marriage and we're expecting our second child in July."  RJ & Barbie

"I met a wonderful woman and we are now engaged, we are both very happy."  Vincent

"This worked much better that expected... It's a nice site but now that I've met Linda I won't be needing it. Please delete my profile." Dave

"Deana and I are engaged, so it worked for us. Thank you for helping."  Terry

"We finally found romance… I enjoyed receiving profiles of men who wanted to meet me. It took a while, but I met the man I was looking for. I wasn’t going to settle for second best. It has been the best relationship of my life and we have traveled the world together."  Vicki & Roger

"Thank you for this nice vehicle for people to meet each other, it works."  Patty

"We just wanted to let you know that we met through your organization and are planning on getting married in early October. The first time I went to select members from your profile book I selected Dave plus two other gentlemen. I immediately heard from Dave, met him for lunch and the rest is history, (as they say). We appreciate your company, think your service is very necessary and know we won’t be back!"  Linda & Dave

"I met more interesting people through your service than any other service I have tried. My wife and I are both very happy!"  Luca & Melissa

"I have met a number of very nice persons and one very special person."  Lucy

"I met a lot of real nice guys through the service, then I met Brad, the man I've been waiting for all my life. We were married in July and we are very happy."  Toni

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