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We are friendly, active, intelligent single men and women in the 55+ age range. Would you like to meet fun people who share your values, interests and enthusiasm? If so we are looking for you.

Our easy to use site will help you meet new people and find the right partner for a long-term relationship. Give your social life a boost and meet active singles seniors like yourself.

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a) Honesty & Courtesy - All members pledge to be truthful and treat fellow members with courtesy and respect
b) Single, if married we may sue you & notify your spouse
c) USA resident for 5 years, US military abroad qualify
d) Minimum age 50, most members are in the 55+ age range

If you meet the qualifications above you are invited to join our community of friendly single seniors.

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"With your help, I found a wonderful partner. Without your service, I would not have taken the steps to get out and meet someone. I really enjoyed meeting people through your network... You gave me the courage to create new beginnings. I cannot thank you enough for the service you provide."  Elizabeth

"I like your site, easier to deal with than other sites."  Ed

"It worked for us!… This is a great way to find the right person. We knew a lot about each other from our profiles. When we met we discovered romance to go along with our compatibility. Three wonderful years of marriage prove that these services work."  Ron & Linda
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